Moldflow is an essential element of any injection molding design project.

Before tooling production begins, the engineering team at KY Manufacturing & Technology uses Moldflow software to analyze the proposed mold design. This ensures that the mold built will be capable of producing the strongest, most uniform parts from each cavity, using the optimal molding parameters.

Using either KY Manufacturing & Technology’s or a customer-supplied part design, we construct a computer model of the mold. The Moldflow software then uses this model and the processing characteristics of the specified resin to predict how the resin will flow through the mold and into the cavities. This allows various key molding attributes, such as melt temperature, pressure profile, or time-to-fill, to be studied and optimized “virtually” before the mold is built. Instead of being discovered during the initial mold trial, Moldflow points out potential tooling-related molding problems and allows them to be corrected prior to cutting steel. In this way, costly and time-consuming tooling rework is avoided.

How it works

KY Manufacturing & Technology can also utilize Moldflow to correct problems with an existing mold. If you are experiencing continuing problems with an existing tool, we can use Moldflow to analyze it to determine if tooling rework can improve the characteristics of your molded part.