Equipment Design

Equipment Design

Optimization, efficiency and repeatability are our driving force for the automation and quality checking equipment we offer to our customers. From simple check fixtures to fully automated assembly equipment, we pride ourselves in providing solutions to meet our customer needs. Our highly skilled and experienced craftsman design and build equipment achieving the results expected by our customers.
KY Manufacturing & Technology’s design team is prepared to design and build fixtures for your needs.

automation equipment

Our extensive experience with industrial automation equipment allows us to provide innovative, cutting edge solutions that exceed our customer’s expectations. If the opportunity presents itself, we’ll provide a solution that works.

We’ve successfully designed and manufactured equipment utilizing simple pneumatic control schemes and elaborate PLC programmed solutions. Our designs include high-speed part closure and foil insertion equipment, vision systems for part detection and verification, automated assembly equipment, mechanical performance testing equipment, simple End of Arm Tooling that efficiently utilizes available cycle time to perform additional operations and many others.

We pride ourselves on finding opportunity and adding value by providing reliable, repeatable, imaginative solutions to our customer’s automation needs.


Whether your needs are to maintain consistent dimensional tolerances, aiding in the assembly of components, part containment for machining, simple gauging or count verification, our experienced design and engineering staff can assist in the development and construction of fixtures for your application.

From simple, effective holding fixtures to complex automated sequencing fixtures that utilize pneumatics, hydraulics and associated control systems, we relish the challenge and are confident in our solutions.

We provide our customers with options from turn-key solutions to simple build to print fixtures. You decide, we provide. Let us know how we can help.