Dough Trays

..dough trays are manufactured from high impact FDA compliant thermoplastic materials..”

The dough trays are sturdy and attractive for solid user-friendly service. Loaded or unloaded, the dough trays stack securely and will stack with many other brands. Rigid construction is reinforced on all sides and edges are rounded for safety. These are dishwasher safe and wil not bend, sag or lose their shape.

Dough trays are used by pizza professionals in the USA and abroad. Dough trays are used in all types of pizza operations wherever pizza dough balls are manufactured. This includes single store and multi store operations, as well as the transportation for commissary operators.The dough trays are returnable and reusable for hundreds of cycles, making them cost effective over other pizza dough packaging methods such as corrugated containers that have a one time use. The dough trays are lightweight, durable, easy to clean, cost effective and more efficient to use than individual pizza dough tins or sheet pans. The dough trays nest within each other and eliminate the need for racks. Because of this, there is little need for a lid, as the dough tray above becomes the lid. The dough trays are dust free and airtight, when nested.The dough trays are manufactured from high impact FDA compliant thermoplastic materials, not fiberglass, which has been known to splinter and crack causing skin irritation when handled. All dough trays are within compliance with NSF.

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